Halifax minster

Halifax Minster is a stunning 12th Century Grade 1 listed Parish Church; a site of major historical importance, a place of worship, education and culture; with a year-round programme of guided tours, concerts and events.

We have enjoyed a close working relationship with Hilary and the team at the Halifax Minster since our first design project in 2017.


The first project we were asked to work on was the branding and subsequent advertising campaign for the Minster’s first Christmas Tree Festival in 2017. Following a successful campaign we have built up a great working relationship and have worked on many projects together up to the present day. Our work together has included printed fold out visitor guides, tourism flyers, banners and A boards, event flyers, posters and banners, fundraising appeal banners and printed envelopes, a second Christmas Tree Festival and the branding and advertising campaign for the Halifax Minster Summer Festivals.

I have worked with Dan and Luke for the last 18 months. Not only are they excellent graphic designers but they understand the design concepts we are trying to achieve. Their response time is unbelievably fast too. I never think of going elsewhere!
Alan English
Executive Officer to the Vicar of Halifax Minster
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